Trivelles International – A superior Property Investment Company


Rarely does a Property Investment and Hotel Management Company take a such a hands-on approach in areas as diverse as acquisitions, property management, customer relationship management, direct sales, and human resource development. Trivelles International takes pride in our expertise in these functions as well as a number of others that affect the customer experience and owner profitability. With extensive knowledge of hospitality marketing and corporate hotel management, as well property investment, our company’s top executives are uniquely qualified to help each property gain exposure and achieve the ultimate in guest service and market penetration and fantastic returns on investments.


Utilizing time-tested and proven strategies developed through years of service as Operators and Corporate officers, Trivelles is an Investment and Hotel Management Company that offers a diverse selection of services to asset owners, including: Hotel Management, Asset Management, Acquisition, Investment Return Analysis, Asset Disposition, Sales and Marketing, Technology Consulting.


With 22 years experience in Hotel and Property Management and Investment, Trivelles International’s goals were as simple and effective as our methods; to utilise the best locations and properties across some of the most profitable areas in the UK and abroad, and develop them into high yield investment opportunities. In the present day we have expanded to become a leading name in development and investment management across the UK and USA, with a proven record of rewarding investor confidence with fantastic financial returns.


Our young and highly motivated graduate multi-disciplined and professional staff are actively involved in purchasing, development, letting and management of both residential and commercial properties and we take pride in offering guaranteed rentals for our investors.
Our vision is to manage the economic resources available to us in the most efficient way possible, to adopt the most efficient tools readily available in the market to facilitate prompt and satisfactory results in our services to you and to nourish the idea of acceleration, advancement and enhancement of the virtues of a real estate world market by excellence.




Kick Start Your New Year with UK Property in the “Best Performing Sector”

Student accommodation is an ideal, secure, Maximum Income investment and has been named “the best performing UK property investment sector” by Knight Frank*. With typical assured yields of around 9% (or even, in some cases, 10%!) NET and the high quality of bespoke builds boosting capital growth, we totally agree at Trivelles International.




Why Hotel Room Investment

Buy-to-let hotel room property investment is the fully-managed, hands-off, high-yield asset class that should be considered as a possible component of every investor's portfolio. Hotel room investments are a superb turnkey investment product that are fully-managed for the investor by the hotel operator and typically require far less involvement than a norrnal buy-to -let condo/property.

Creating a legacy as a leading hospitality owner/operator